Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Gates Of Pergomas, by Keith "BUD" Krause

Revelation 2:14, 15

Through the gates of Pergomas rode The Great Whore,

With a golden cup in Her hand.

She's false religion which kindreds adore,

throughout the breadth of the land.

Upon Her forehead can be seen Her name,

"The Mother Of Harlots" is She,

And "Mystery Babylon," one in the same,

Before whom men bend down their knee.

The blood of The Saints from Her cup overflows,

Her stomach She never can fill,

As She rides on The Beast, wherever He goes,

From the city built on seven hills.

She's rode a long time now, this Babylon Whore,

With the blood of the Saints, She is stained,

For millions' pon millions have passed through Her door,

Refusing our YESU's refrain

Come out of Her children, come unto ME,

I will clothe thee in MY RIGHTEOUSNESS

For soon She'll be cast in the firey sea,

Along with The Beast and the rest.

Be not partakers of Her filth and Her blood,

Don't drink from the goblet She wields.

For soon I'll be sending a firey flood,

In the world with its vinyards and fields.

Her cry will ascend, but I will not hear,

Alas! it will then be to late.

For She and Her foll'wers, then in great fear,

Will know then they sealed their own fate.

So come out MY children, don't ride with The Whore,

On the back of The Beast to the sea.

Come out now MY children, oh hear ME implore,

Come out and I'll surley save thee.


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